Living with Drug Addicts, Prostitutes, and Alcoholics

My life was already wrecked, but I had no idea I still needed to be wrecked. I’m learning there are two very different versions to this idea. The good vs. the bad.

Living with Drug Addicts, Prostitutes, and Alcoholics

In 2009, I was a mess, a wreck. I wasn’t sleeping, taunted by nightmares. My depression was so overwhelming and the refusal to grieve the death of my father six months prior was taking its toll on me.

I was begging for God to show up, but I didn’t see him. I couldn’t feel him.

Then life changed. I don’t mean changed as in I slowly started to recognize my life was heading down a very dangerous path. I mean “changed” as in crashed.

Broken. Unraveled. Wrecked.

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