Why You Can’t Wait Any Longer to Start Getting Healthy

Now is the time to take the next right step

Have you told yourself you’ll wait until next week to start losing weight? Or maybe you’ll start saving money when the next paycheck rolls around? Ya, I’ve been there too.

My best friend and I used to unknowingly sabotage each other. I would be ready to get healthy, start eating right and exercising, and we would commit to “starting our diet” on Monday. The beginning of the week would roll around and she wasn’t motivated. Well – since she wasn’t ready, I would feel defeated and decide I wasn’t either.

The same thing would happen to her. She’d be ready, I would lose my motivation, she would feel defeated and the cycle would continue.

Does Anyone Ever Really Change?

The scale. My eyes met his eyes for the first time in two months after I finally broke down and bought one for my own. It’s the only scale I’ve ever owned.

I’ve determined the scale fits under the male category for two reasons: It’s easier to blame him when we don’t get the results we want, and when we see good news in the numbers, we want to wrap our arms around him and waltz across the bathroom floor. No? Just me? That’s fine.

Anyway.. back to the scale. April 1, the start of a new month. In less than five seconds, I would have to determine how I would approach the results and whether or not I would allow it to ruin my day.

Pumpkin Protein Bars

I’ve been eating these Pumpkin Protein Bars for almost a year. They’re delicious, nutritious, and half the calories of a packaged protein bar.

Don’t get me wrong. I still eat a Quest bar almost daily, but I start my mornings with these pumpkin bars.

They have just enough carbs and protein to help me crank out some cardio and strength training each day. See the nutrition facts below.

6 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving (#2 is my Favorite)

Thanksgiving is upon us and so many are already prepared for the bloating, weight gain, and regret that often follows the “Turkey Day” festivities.

What if we didn’t think that way? I believe there’s another way. I believe we can “have our pie and eat it too” when it comes to Thanksgiving.

You don’t have to be as stuffed as the turkey is that day.

Reframing Setbacks as Opportunities (Month Three Weigh-In Results)

Setbacks happen everyday, but when they come in the form of weight gain, it seems to sting a little more. That’s what I experienced anyway in this month’s weigh-in.

If you’re new here, I started using a personal trainer, Kim, three months ago and shared my month one results here and my month two results here.

I didn’t want to weigh in yesterday. I knew the results wouldn’t be good. Regardless, I knew it had to be done. The results were pretty much what I expected. I gained pounds and broke even in my inches lost.

Why You Need to Say Goodbye to Dieting

There’s one word I truly hate – DIETING. It’s bad for you health. It’s annoying for your emotional well-being. I could keep going. I really, really hate it.

I’m encouraging you to make it a goal to completely eliminate the word “diet” from your vocabulary.

Remember when your mother used to tell you after you said something you weren’t supposed to, “I’ll wash your mouth out with soap?” Consider it a dirty word.

The Words I Never Thought I’d Hear (Month Two Weigh-In Results)

Can you believe it’s been two months already? Time flies when you’re kicking butt, or losing your butt, whichever you prefer.

If you’re new here, I started using a personal trainer, Kim, two months ago and shared my month one results here.

Okay, let’s get started.

Halfway through month one, I heard these words, “You’re not eating enough calories.” I almost peed my pants. Actually, I think I made her say it one more time just to clarify. I moved from 1600 calories/day to 2,000, scared to death Kim was crazy, but trusting she knew what she was talking about. Never have I been told I wasn’t eating enough. What an exciting problem!

How to Stop Making Excuses that Hinder Your Weight Loss

Why Monday Never Comes

Today is Tuesday. Yesterday was Monday. Know what that means? That’s the day you were “going” to start that new diet. The day you were going to get to the gym. The day you were going to throw the Pringles out of the cupboard.

Though I haven’t done a survey to get the accurate numbers, based on my own experience, I would bet more than half of those who wait until Monday to start their diets or exercise plans are back into failure mode by Wednesday.

It’s hard truth, but hear me out.

Three Things a Toad Can Teach You About Consistency

Depending on which expert you ask, a habit can take anywhere from 21-45 days to put into action before it sticks. I’m not big on counting the number of days versus simply knowing the habit is remaining effective.

Allow me to introduce you to Bob, the toad. He shows up at my front door almost every evening and hangs out until the next morning. He’s been doing it for months. As I left the other morning to head to my personal training session, I took notice of Bob and realized something.

He is consistent in showing up. I’m learning I can count on looking out my front door when I let my dog Zeke out each night and Bob is almost always there, just chilling.There’s a lesson to be learned there, friends.