Dolly Parton and Grandma

Dolly Parton is the greatest entertainer ever. If you just read that line and asked yourself, “Who is Dolly Parton?” please bang your head against the wall three times before you finish reading.

I’m not like most 29-year-olds. I grew up on country music, but when I first heard the voice of Dolly Parton singing “Silver and Gold” around my dad’s kitchen table, I was hooked for life.  There was just something about her voice that soothed me. Still is.

Fast forward to 1997-ish. I was following my grandma through her general store and I came across a stack of records. There they were, calling my name like a voice out of the sky. (Slight dramatization.) Three Dolly Parton records, yes records, from the ‘70s. Vinyl. 12 inches. Still in the sleeves and in great condition.

I could hear them calling my name, begging me to pick them up, take them home, and put them on my wall. I didn’t have a record player, but at least I could tell people I owned actual vinyl records from Dolly Parton. That was cool news coming from a 14-year-old. Okay, maybe just cool to me, but, whatever.

To read the rest of the story and see if those records became mine, join me over at The Daily Gallen for the rest of the post.

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