Pursuing Your Dream and Sharing Your Story

Have you ever wished you could tell your story? Perhaps you want to share with the world your redemption story. A memoir? A children’s book? A collection of poetry to share with your family?

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I’ve known I wanted to be a writer since the sixth grade. My teacher, Mrs. Moore, made our class do these “stupid” poetry books. I hated the thought of it. The rebellious person that I was fought the idea of doing such a thing.

Then the pen hit the paper. Yes, there was ink and everything.

I was in love. I knew the minute I started writing, something great was going to happen. I felt inspired. Creative. Something about writing made me feel connected. Mrs. Moore had to make me stop.

Not that I needed any type of confirmation that there was something magical to this art called writing, but I got it anyway. That year, out of three sixth grade classes, I received the award for the best poetry book. I still have that certificate. Not because it defines who I am, but simply as a reminder that I need to keep pursuing this dream called writing.

What about you? Is there a writer inside begging to get out, but don’t think you’re good enough? Perhaps you think because you don’t have an award in you’re hand, writing just isn’t your thing.

What if you’re one step away from writing that masterpiece you hold inside? (Tweet that)

I say all this, because my friend Jeff Goins is offering something that will change the way you view your writing, and get you on the path to creating your art, whether for you to see, or to share with the world.

Tribe Writers is handcrafted with you in mind and he’s offering it to the public for the first time. I had the honor of being part of the group and I’m a better person for it, not only because I learned more about myself as a writer, but because more relationships were built, which is what being a blogger is all about anyway.

Before I go any further, I’ll let you know that the link I share with you is an affiliate link, which means if you sign up for Jeff’s course, I’ll get a little bit of money. With that said, I wouldn’t offer you anything I didn’t believe in, or haven’t tried myself.

If you want to learn more about the course, you can do so here.

The Course

Tribe Writers is an online membership program to help you find the audience your writing deserves. It’s a community program that Jeff has spent the greater part of a year creating.

Here’s what the Tribe Writer’s course covers:

  1. How to hone your writing voice and find a worldview that resonates with an audience
  2. The importance of establishing a platform and building a list
  3. What it takes to expand your reach and serve your way into relationship
  4. Why you need to get published and share your work with the world

Tribe Writers does what, in my opinion, few other courses do. It combines the finer points of the craft of writing with the practical elements of online marketing — all designed to make you a better writer and help your message spread. – Jeff Goins

Why Join?

I’ve never been part of a membership program so personal before. The admission to the private Facebook group alone is worth the money. You’ll be joined along with other riters honing their crafts. Get feedback on your work and pour constructive criticism into others.

Not only that, but you’ll have unlimited access to Jeff, the creator, himself. Talk about someone who wants to see others succeed. Watching him become successful by pouring into others has been amazing.

I don’t write this to you because I want to earn a few bucks. I write this as a person who wants to see you follow your passions and take action. You can’t take this course and stay the same. It just doesn’t work that way.

I hope to “meet” you in the Facebook group and enjoy this course alongside you, as I plan on going through it again.

What keeps your from sharing your story? Leave a comment below…

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  • You are such a wonderful writer, Sundi Jo. I can read your writing all day long. And I totally agree with everything you wrote about Tribe Writers.

    • Thank you Bryan. That encouragement means more to me than you know. Keep that in mind when my book comes out in April. 🙂

      P.S. I’m going to be having a launch team if you’re interested in being on it.

      • Of course, put me down. I think it’s a good thing when we support each other. I’ve been enjoying your writing for a while now. 🙂

  • Nice Blog.
    I highly recommend the Goins Writing class!
    Really change my life!

  • This sounds wonderful! Is the writing class primarily for people who have a specific book topic in mind or is it more for general writing advice? I love to write, but I don’t have a specific book idea in mind. 🙂

    Thank you!

    • No specifics required Melanie. You don’t even have to plan to write a book. Even if you’re wanting to hone your blogging voice, this is a great course.

      In the FB group, you get the opportunity to be mentored by others, as well as share content, get feedback, etc.

      It’s been awesome!

  • Love it! And I highly recommend the class.

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