Gaining a New Understanding of Grace

My One Word for 2018

Each year since 2011 I’ve chosen one word to live by – one word I want to define my year. I’ve lived out trust, radical faith, productivity, choosing to say no more, walking with more intention, truth, and rest.

But this past year – this 2017 – I have struggled. My word was rest, and though I was obedient in that for a minute, I kinda started sucking at it.

I struggled hard this past year and the thought of choosing a word for 2018 didn’t appeal to me whatsoever. I just didn’t want to do it. Because I just didn’t.

But if we always make decisions based off the way we feel in that moment, we’ll never get anywhere. 

I was driving home from traveling for work last week, not even thinking about what word I wanted to live by in the new year, but Jesus wanted to talk with me about it.


I heard it loud and clear. “I want you to fully understand more about the grace I offer.”

So… okay… I’m choosing grace.

I want to understand it more in my own life, because I often tend to choose shame over grace. I want to understand how to offer it to others. I want to live grace.

I don’t know what that’s going to look like and I’m not even going to pretend to know. I’m just going to do my best to live and breath grace one day at a time. Because one day at a time is really all we’re asked to do. One. Day. At. A. Time.

What about you? What word do you want to define your 2018? Ask God and He’ll show you. What’s that one word that’s going to take you to a new level in your relationship with Him?

My friends over at would love to be a part of celebrating your word with you. Head over there and join in on the one word partay!

Discover the big impact one word can make. One word. 365 days. A changed life. 

Question: What’s the one word God has put on your heart for 2018? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Phillip Cohen

    My word for last year was Traction. I’m a high traction person, but tend to drag people who aren’t passionate about their own success. So I told people, “If you’re willing to get your own traction, I’ll help you.” If not, I still love you. But I need to pull away because you could drag me down.”

    Gina and I also had a word as a couple: Adventure. We didn’t do a lot different, except look for the adventure in everything we did.

    This year, I think my word will be Better. Do everything better than ever before. Finish better than I started. Help everyone become better.

  • I had not done it before, but the thought of the one word kept creeping into my consciousness.

    I chose two words. One for my Bible study which I tend to jump all over the place with: Holy Spirit. I am reading books on Him from many different perspectives. It has been a very interesting study so far. I hope it develops my relationship with Him.

    And one word for me personally: Finish. I have a lot of projects that are unfinished. I’m working on getting them finished. I started before the end of the year, and I’ve completed three things already.

    I decorated a small bulletin board with the two words with yellow legal pad pages stapled underneath the words so I can keep track of where this journey has taken me.

    End of 2018 I hope to evaluate the process to see if I’ll do it again.

    • You’re on it, Eva. Finish is a powerful word. I need to work on that myself.