My Friend Needs a Kidney Transplant

Are You a Match?

My friend Mindy needs a kidney. She’s been on the waiting list for years, and twice now she’s been called to the hospital with a possible match, only to find out the kidney went to another patient in need.

My heart aches for her. She’s an amazing wife and mother, but these last few months she hasn’t been able to muster up the energy to do much except dialysis.

Just today she received an iron infusion, followed by an MRI, followed by more doctor’s appointments. She’s worn out and I’m worn out for her.

I tried to donate mine, but unfortunately I’m not a match. But I know someone out there is. Perhaps that someone is you. 

Here’s a recent Facebook post her sweet mama shared:

Mindy’s nephrologist suggested I make a Facebook post for any big-hearted & healthy people that are interested in seeing if they are a match for a living donor kidney transplant for my 30 year old daughter. My son & I are not the right blood type & my husband has too high of a creatinine so we did not pass. Barnes Hospital is very picky about who they’ll accept as a donor, but I think that’s a good thing; we want a successful surgery and many more years of her being an active wife & mother. No pressure because its nothing to go into lightly & Mindy has lots of mixed emotions about the whole thing, but if you are interested in seeing if you are a match, please call her transplant coordinator:

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If you don’t think you’d be a good match, would you spread this to others you think would be? Share with your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, anyone…

Several have asked what blood type they need to be? O+\- is a suitable candidate.

Let’s partner together to help Mindy get her life back. To help her be a strong wife to her devoted husband and beautiful children.

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