How the Daniel Fast Changed My Life [A Guest Post from Author Kristen Feola]

From Sundi Jo: This is a guest post by Kristen Feola. She is is the author of the book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast, an encouraging resource for individuals and groups who are participating in the Daniel Fast. She has worked as a personal trainer, nutritional consultant, First Place 4 Health leader, and fitness instructor. Kristen and her family attend James River Assembly in Ozark, Missouri. Vist her blog or follow her on Twitter.

What is The Daniel Fast? 

The Daniel Fast is a 21-day partial fast based upon the prophet Daniel’s exeriences as recorded in the Bible (Daniel 9 and 10). The purpose is to restrict commonly enjoyed foods as an act of worship and consecration to God. Someone who chooses to undergo a Daniel Fast demonstrates a physical commitment that reflects a deep spiritual desire for a more intimate relationship with the Lord.

How it Changed my Life

When I participated in my first Daniel Fast with my church in 2009, I had no idea how it would change the course of my life.

On day 1 of the fast, the Lord woke me up very early. As I sat at my kitchen table reading the Bible, I sensed that I should start a blog. At first, I was resistant to the idea because at the time, blogging was trendy, and I didn’t want to follow the crowd.  However, the impression from the Lord was so strong that I decided to go for it. My plan was to use the blog as a personal journal about what God showed me on the fast. I didn’t expect many people to follow it. Soon, though, I would learn that God had much bigger plans for my writing!

That same evening, while cooking dinner, my husband and I started talking about the dish I was making, Marinated Zucchini. I commented that it would be a good recipe to share with people at church who were on the fast. My husband suggested I post the recipe on my blog. He also mentioned that I should use some of the recipes I’d created for a vegan cookbook I’d written but never had published.

I dusted off my old cookbook and began posting daily. Once people at church heard about my blog, they began reading my site for encouragement and support. Even after the fast was finished, I continued to post devotions and recipes. More people learned about my site. Before long, a local Daniel Fast blog quickly blossomed into a world-wide ministry.

Now, more than two years later, I’m in awe of all that has happened. God has blessed me in more ways than I could have asked for or even imagined! I never dreamed that my blog would lead to a book contract with Zondervan. I’m humbled by the opportunities the Lord has given me to share the message of prayer and fasting with His people. I give all glory to Him!

God has great plans for you as well. Your mind can’t even begin to comprehend what he has in store for you! The Bible says that makes it clear that God rewards those who earnestly seek Him: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”

Are you hungry for the Lord? Do you want to know Him more? Don’t allow fear, laziness, or the excuse, “It’s too hard!” keep you from stepping out in faith and committing to a Daniel Fast in 2012. You can do it. God will give you the strength and the perseverance you need. Seek the Lord through prayer and fasting, and watch God do the impossible in your life!


How to Make Your Daniel Fast More Effective: 

  • Find a friend who will fast with you and be your accountability partner.
  • A week before your fast begins, stock up on food items you’ll need.
  • Make double portions of recipes and freeze them to use later during the fast.
  • Read your Bible and pray first thing in the morning before your day begins.
  • Record prayer requests and answers in a journal.
  • Use The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast to help you on your journey.

Question: What has The Daniel Fast done for you? Comment below..

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  • I have read your story before, as you know, and I still love it!  So glad that two of my favorite people have partnered up to continue spreading the news of one more tool we can use in our toolbox as we lift our lives up to our Lord!  Our relationship with Him is SOOO precious…”One thing is needed,” Jesus said to Martha…and I love how this can deepen our “One Thing” with Him…
    Feel free to check out what the Daniel Fast did for me here:

  • Metro Detroit

    The Daniel Fast changed the way I think about food, and how my own food choices relate to honoring God. It’s a wake up call for Christians who may critisize a smoker, but then pick up a fast food meal after church. Today the Daniel Fast can help people realize just how processed and un-natural foods effect one’s health. When a person eliminates these foods for awhile, and notices for example, that their skin clears up completely, or they have less anxiety, etc. they will not want to go back to making poor food choices.

    Terrance Day
    Author, Honoring God Through The Daniel Fast