This is a guest post by Joseph Iregbu. Joseph leads on purpose and is passionate about raising the next generation of leaders. He blogs at and is a Coach and Mentor to young leaders. He is the author of  Even in the Well, husband to Temi and father to Isabel Juda. They live in Germany. Connect with him on Twitter and Facebook. Interested in guest posting? Check out the details here.

photo: mrlerone (creative commons)

We are a people in a hurry: 

We love quick fixes
We celebrate workarounds
We buy microwaves (we sure need them!)
We insist on washing machines with ‘Express Wash’ mode (agreed, it’s handy)
We love ease
We hate pain
We detest patience and waiting
We love pace (oh yeah!)
We are a people in a hurry!


The problem with pace is that we easily:

  • Miss precious God Moments
  • Take grace for granted
  • Forget the importance of labour and hardwork
  • Abandon our place of purpose and assignment (when pace is not needed)
  • Lose sight of the people that matter most to us

Don’t get me wrong; not all pace is bad. In fact, pace is necessary in life sometimes. But we must not run the risk of running ahead of God or running without Him.

So today, I encourage you to linger:
  • In prayer – wait on the Lord for direction.
  • In learning – knowledge is a process, a marathon and not a sprint. It often takes time. Read another book, find a mentor, broaded your horizon. 
  • In purpose – don’t give up on your purpose. Publish that blog post, take up the invitation to speak at that conference, lead that study group, write that book that you’ve delayed for so long, share that story that the world needs to hear.
  • In faith – hold on, be strong and don’t abandon your dreams. 

Today, I challenge you to linger… and experience what you’ve been missing so much in your life: precious GOD MOMENTS!

Are you finding it difficult to linger and wait on God for a specific need? We can pray together for grace if you share in the comment box below…

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  • What joy to be here today, Sundi. Thankful for the privilege to share one of my many weaknesses 🙂

  • Nice post Joseph. I particularly like the phrase “share that story that the world needs to hear.”

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  • I like pace, I like speed. But I’ve learned that they have their place 🙂
    I don’t have it all perfect yet but am getting there!
    Truly awesome post Joseph.
    Sundi, loving your new home 🙂

    • Glad you’re loving it Ngina. It’s much cleaner.

      • I was thinking of going with standard theme (when time comes to upgrade) but looks like Genesis/studio press beginning to grow on me 🙂

        • Yes. I’ve been a fan of Standard Theme for a while, but I’ve already had great success with Tribe. So thrilled I made the switch.

          Let me know when you’re ready to switch. I’ll send you my affiliate link. (Shameless plug)

    • Thanks Ngina. We are work in progress.

  • Was just reminded a few minutes ago of the need to slow down and really listen to others. Nice post, Joseph.

  • Great post. I think this is a struggle for many – at least here in the Northeast. We are always rushing around. We live in a “I want in now or sooner” culture. Visiting Guatemala a few weeks ago showed me the power of slowing down and lingering. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Jon, a lot of us are apparently wired that way – pace. A bit of lingering will balance our lives. Thanks for sharing and I made good my word to pray for everyone who shared 🙂

  • Wow, we are truly a people in a hurry. This got me, “…we must not run the risk of running ahead of God or running without Him.” I don’t want that. I don’t want to go all the way and realize I had left God by the wayside; simply because I didn’t want to linger and wait.

    I had a talk with a friend recently, in my struggle with waiting, I was reminded to be thankful. In our hurry, we usually forget to be grateful and “miss the GOD MOMENTS.”

    • Well said. Thanks for adding your voice to the call for us to linger 🙂

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