How to Take the Next Right Step

Let me ask you a question.

What is happening in your life right now that you know you want to do something – change something – but you’re not sure what to do?

Ya, me too.

Whether you’re struggling with weight loss, pursuing a dream, fighting addiction, whatever it is, let’s just take the next right step together.

Watch this short vlog and learn how to take the next right step in pursuing something great.

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  • Sundi, you did find your voice. You sound just like I imagined you would in your book “Dear Dad.” Wow!

  • Great video Sundi Jo. Had to tweet. And we all need that reminder because the enemy wants us to look anywhere but at our Master’s face. And that’s exactly when we go down in the water like our friend Peter.

  • Olga, your friend from Greece

    Bravooo!!! Sundi Jo. As I’ve already told you I think you really have a “voice”. So, let us hear it. You look so cute with short hair. Bravooo!!! again.

  • Good word! Taking the next step is always the best advice. It keeps us from looking so far into the future that we get discouraged and tempted to give up. I love that saying, ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.’ I have to remind myself of this when I get overwhelmed.

  • Love it!! And you’re so brave to do a vlog…have you been doing them long? They ssssscare me terribly! : )

    • Thanks, Christine. I’ve only done a few, but I’m getting ready to make it a regular thing. Many people have request I start vlogging, so I’m going for it.