Why Are We Really Mad at Phil Robertson?

So, my Facebook feed finally stopped blowing up every two seconds with a rant about the Phil Robertson controversy. Thank you! Oh wait.. here comes more.

photo credit: mashable

photo credit: mashable

I’ve been prayerfully considering whether or not to comment on the situation, but since others have asked me, and I’m writing a book on the controversial topic of homosexuality, I thought it the right thing to do.

First of all, I encourage everyoneincluding myself to consider their words and thoughts before they are plastered all over the social media world. Expressing your emotions, especially when they are heartfelt, can often be misconstrued when they are just being seen on the computer screen, not heard directly from our mouths. It’s the same with texting. Don’t have a deep conversation over text with someone. It’s so easy to have your words misunderstood.

With that said, I’m stepping out to share my heart and concerns via the keyboard, and I’m sure someone, somewhere, will be offended.

It has never been a secret that Phil Robertson and the rest of his family love Jesus. It has never been a secret that the leader of this influential, redneck pack, stands by the Word of God.

So why is everyone in shock that he states homosexuality is a sin?

In the last 24 hours, he has been accused of verbally attacking gay people. He’s a bigot. He’s racist. He’s a hater. Really?  If he was all of the above, would the GQ reporter have written this?

He is welcoming and gracious.

As I follower of Jesus Christ, I commend Phil Robertson for not putting aside the values and principles he lives by, which comes directly from the Word of God. Fame has a tendency to change the morals of many people, and I don’t think it’s affected the Robertson clan much. Now, could he be a little more graceful in his approach so speaking truth? Of course. We all could.

One quick observation. Why was it okay for Miley Cyrus to sexually humiliate herself in front of a national audience on television, but it’s not okay for a duck-hunting, beard-growing, redneck to share his thoughts?

Here’s the question I have. Why is everyone really mad? 

What’s the root? What stirs up the emotions?

For many Christians, unfortunately, I believe yesterday was used as a platform to condemn those in the homosexual lifestyle, without an ounce of love and grace. I believe it was a poor excuse to stand up for what they believed in because Phil paved the way.

It was a reason to say, “Let’s highlight this particular sin” and run it into the ground.  That’s not what Phil Robertson did, nor is it what the Christian community should be doing.

A note for those who follow Jesus Christ: 

Use this as a time to stand by the Word of God. Use this as a time to ask yourself how you can be a light in a dark world without compromising the truth you stand by. Ask God to reveal to you the sin taking place in your own life before you discuss the sin in the lives of others.

Don’t compromise what you believe in, but don’t lose your saltiness in the process.

A note for those in the homosexual lifestyle: 

Don’t get mad at a man who was set up by a GQ reporter to discuss one of the most controversial subjects in history. Don’t use this as an opportunity to say all Christians hate you. Don’t condemn a guy who believes differently than you believe.

You may not want to compromise what you believe in, but don’t hate followers of Jesus Christ for doing the same.

And one more thought. Let’s pray for the reporter, who

must get out of the ATV and go back to where I belong, back to the godless part of America that Phil is determined to save.

I pray for this man because he doesn’t understand who Jesus is. He doesn’t understand that the opportunity to know the God who created him desires a relationship with him.

And here’s where more controversy comes in. 

He has no clue that the very prince of this world, the devil himself, used him as a tool to stir up strife over the subject of homosexuality because of a magazine article.

Regardless of what happens with Duck DynastyGod still wins.

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