How to Choose the Perfect Portions

Do you struggle with eating the right portions at each meal? Me too, actually.

Sometimes I get this mindset that it’s just not enough, so I fill up my plate, scarf it down faster than the speed of light, and wonder why I’m not full. I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this, right?

I ran across this great reminder regarding selecting the right portions from and wanted to share with you.

What Does a Perfect Portion Look Like? Size
Instead of a 10oz steak, eat a 3oz steak Deck of cards
1 serving pasta Your fist
1 pancake A Compact Disc (CD)
1 serving steamed broccoli (1/2 cup) Standard light bulb
1 cup of soup A baseball
1 baked potato A computer mouse
1 serving of cake A 3×3 post-it stack
1 tsp of butter The tip of your thumb
1 tbsp of dressing Half golf ball
1 serving cooked rice (1/2 cup) A cupcake wrapper

The steak thing. Ya, I’ve gotta work on that.

Here’s what I love about this chart. It doesn’t speak “diet”. It simply tells you how to eat the foods you love, but with control. If you want a piece of cake, then have one, but instead of eating a ginormous slice, let’s take it down to a 3×3 post-it stack.

Isn’t that exciting, friends? We’re not dieting. We’re changing our lives!

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  • Maria Morgan

    I like these visuals Sundi Jo! Thanks for the portion-size tips. God bless~