Why Taking Responsibility is the Next Right Step

Many of you know I’m a huge fan of the show, Restaurant Impossible. 

Robert Irvine knows what he’s doing and his leadership skills are impressive.

During a recent episode, a restaurant owner was just months away from her restaurant being closed, which she purchased from the family. Every time Robert would ask her a question, she would start crying. She seemed genuinely desperate for help.

Then Robert started digging and the truth came out.

The restaurant was failing, yes. But Robert was about to get to the why behind the what?

Watch the video to hear exactly why this restaurant was failing and how we can learn to take responsibility together.

Here were a few reasons why the restaurant owner wasn’t taking responsibility for her failing restaurant.

  • She was lonely and felt abandoned by her family
  • Because of that, she didn’t think she could trust anyone, which caused her to micromanage
  • She was trying to hold everyhing together and be in control, because that was safe for her
  • She was trying to be great at everything and wasn’t good at anything

But why was her temper tantrum good? Because it got to the why. They could now deal with the real issue at hand as to why the restaurant was failing.

After a mini counseling session, she finally took responsibility, realizing she was in an unhealthy position. Was she cured overnight? Doubtful, but she got to the why behind the what, and that will allow her to continue taking the next right step.

So, I ask you today, what do you need to take responsibility for? What’s keeping you from taking the next right step? Where are you stuck? What fear is holding you back?

It’s not until we know the truth, friends, that we can move forward. (Tweet This)

Here’s to the next right step.

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  • I think the fear holding me back is that I just may succeed this time. Crazy? I know, but struggle is more familiar than success for me. Thanks for your post, Sundi Jo. Yesterday I recognized that I am more inclined to blame outside circumstances than to just accept the responsibility. Good post.

    • I get it, Anne. I often struggle with fear of success. God has to remind me frequently not to sabotage success.

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  • I think food has never left me or rejected me. Wow, that was hard to say. I think I have a passion for eating because it made me feel full in other ways besides my stomach. I am learning that I should eat to live, and not live to eat. I can fast for days so self control in the big gestures is fine, it is in the small moments (do I get seconds or can I have that cake?) that I struggle. I am not dieting. I am eating healthier than I ever have. I am walking, but I struggle with this ugly thing: food comforts me. I know that is wrong. I know that makes it an idol. I know that so I am trying to face it. It is difficult because it makes me raw and exposed. I am not fat. Fat is a mass of cells attached to my muscles just beneath the skin. I have fat, but it is NOT who I am. I know I can do this, but sometimes I see the consequences of my idol worship and I feel overwhelmed with what it will take to pull that idol down. I hope I do not sound crazy. I know it is just another giant in my life that must come down. I know God has given me the tools to overcome it. I just have to wield them.

    • You don’t sound crazy at all, Dayna. Totally makes sense. Food comforts me as well. I’m learning it’s an emotional tie to my dad. It was the only thing we ever had in common. It was his way of showing me love. I’m learning to find that love through God and other people. That’s why simply doing the next right step is changing me, and it’s not me doing it, it’s God. When I slip off track, God and I talk about it – like REALLY have a conversation about it. He shows me where I went wrong, gives me grace, and puts me back on track. It relieves the pressure to just do it one thing at a time. You’re so right. Fat is NOT who you are. I’m always reminding myself of Who I am in Christ. Praying through this journey with you.