How to Overcome the Roadblocks in Your Life

3 Keys to Unlocking Your True Potential

When we start pursuing our goals, we usually do so with great excitement and focus, but it doesn’t take long until we hit a roadblock or two. It’s easy to want to quit. I’ve been there. Instead of quitting, maybe we just need to take a different approach.

I’m in the middle of that right now. It’s November and instead of getting discouraged that I only have less than two months to finish hitting my weight loss goal, I’m changing things up and figuring out how to make it happen without some crazy diet plan.

Last month I was struggling with feelings of defeat and I was ready to quit. But I didn’t. And I’m not.

You’re not quitting either, my friend.

You don’t have to feel like a failure. I’m getting over the hump and I want to help you get over it, too. Here are three keys to unlocking your true potential:

1. Identify the Possibilities and Find Your Confidence

I want you to give yourself permission to dream, explore the possibilities of what God has put in your heart, and get that confidence back. It’s okay for you to be confident in who you are, my friend.

2. Punch Fear in the Face

Most people struggle with fear. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who hasn’t. But it’s the way we deal with our fears that matter.

We can let our past fears and failures control us, or we can write a new story for our lives.It’s up to us.

3. Creating a Plan to Achieve Your Dreams

Dreams are good, but if you do nothing with them, it’s likely they’ll just stay a dream and you’ll keep drifting through life without accomplishing what God has set out for you. Let’s change that.

In my new free e-course, Your Best Life, I’m digging deeper into these keys to help you be an overcomer. In just three days we’ll dig deeper into our fears and walk away with a greater confidence in the things we want to achieve in our lives.

Your Best Life will help you walk away with a plan to pursue the dreams God has put in your heart. And I know you have some BIG dreams, my friend.

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