Eight Reasons Why I Hate Romantic Movies

I’m not your average, ordinary, everyday girl. I like fishing, camping, wearing ball caps, and another unkown fact about me: I used to skin deer AND loved it. I do like to do girly things too though.

I have a love/hate relationship with romantic movies. I hate to love them. I get excited to sit down and watch and by the end of the movie I often times find myself wishing I would have spent the last two hours of my life doing something else.

Here are eight reasons I hate romantic movies:

  1. They Make Me Cry – Yes, I usually end up tearing up, whether it’s a a bad ending, or a fairytale ending. It’s like my tear ducts get so excited they can’t control themselves. I end up hiding my face in the pillow to keep others from seeing, but it usually doesn’t work.
  2. I End Up Desiring A Relationship – Just when I think I’m fine and can live without love in my life because I’m independent and do just fine on my own, I end up daydreaming about my prince charming showing up to rescue me.
  3. Because I End Up Daydreaming, Reality Sets In – I then have to admit to myself that being a tough, independent woman isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and that it would be a great thing to have someone else around. I have to get vulnearable. Blagghh..
  4. I Remember I’m The Third Wheel – The majority of my friends are married. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel left out.
  5. I Realize I’m Still Single – A reminder sets in that I’m 28 years old and still single. Then I start to ask myself, What’s wrong with me? 
  6. I Rejoice That I’m Still Single – I still don’t have to answer to anyone and I can celebrate.
  7. Back To #3
  8. I End Up Watching Another One – I end up forgetting why I hate romantic movies and catch myself watching another one, thus beginning the circle again.

Who’s up for Rambo?

Question: If you’re single, do you ever feel like this? If you’re married, what advice do you have for us singles? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Oh girl, I know.  Though I still love a good romance.  First of all, I did not get married to my husband until I was 30 years old.  AND, I had a blink-and-you-missed-it marriage at the age of 26 years, which was wrong in every way…long story that ended in this little Christian finally understanding what GRACE was…
    So, good things are worth the wait.
    Is my husband perfect? No.  not at all.  Can I emphasize that more?  (ha)…but neither am I.  At my worst I am so judgemental, cranky, quick-tempered, cold.  Yes, really.  The real me is a gentle spirit who loves peaceful music, laughing out loud, finding the silver lining everywhere…but the other chic is not so much fun, and sadly, she does show up sometimes.

    And (gasp!), sometimes romance movies (and novels, even Christian ones) set my poor husband up for failure.  I have to watch my boundaries in that area, or he will never measure up.  Even without that influence, do I sometimes wish for him to be or do something else? sure.  Cuz I’m selfish and arrogant…and at that moment, I might forget that I am also not Princess Charming…

    Being independent does have some wonderful perks.  I miss the days when the radio was on far more often than the tv, and the only food in the house was the stuff I like to eat…(insert: not the stuff I want to eat and crave but is bad for me…which my husband likes to bring home)

    I did not have to fight a TV addiction when I was single.  I only had 3 channels, so there wasn’t much on, and I was a lot more peaceful and productive.  My hubby loves tv.  I got him satellite service one year for Christmas. Now we have that bill, and I have to fight a tendency to watch too much tv.

    But He is solid.  He is getting better and better at listening.  He is NOT a fly off-the-handle type.  He works day in and day out at a job that he does not love simply because it has good benefits, so he is a workhorse.  He often puts my need before his. 

    But do I still get the romantic flutters when he walks in a room? (nope, not always…I mean, when you are paying the bills or exhausted from work, the appearance of your dude is sometimes overlooked in a lovesick way) Do I sometimes have to remind him of the things that make my heart go pitterpat? (I love the smell of cologne…what part of that doesn’t he understand? (-=)

    It’s like Rosie O’Donnell said in Sleepless in Seattle: “You don’t want to to be in love.  You want to be in love in the movies.”

    Movies are a fun escape, but it’s true, they aren’t reality.  However, I have to choose to remember that I long to be swept away like that, because I was created to be, by my Heavenly Savior!  Do you know what I can’t wait to do when I get to heaven?  My dearest wish is that I get to run up to Jesus, jump in His arms, and have Him swing me around and around like a little girl!  Even now I well up a little when I think about it. 

    In the meantime, I have a really nice guy who is a very fun buddy that also enjoys going to zoos and travel.  When we use the willpower to turn off the TV, we enjoy playing games.  He tries my healthy foods and usually likes them!  He is an excellent gardener.  And though more quiet about it, He loves the Lord.  We are partners and best friends…it’s normal for the excitement of “love in the movies” to wane occasionally…so I am content…and when I am not, I pray about it.  And God takes care of us.

    funny you wrote about this…it has recently been on my mind, can  you tell? =-)

    ps…I can’t imagine you being a third wheel….1) we “marrieds” are often boring, and 2)you wouldn’t be around if we didn’t love being with you!

  • Snowbunt1

    I just wrote a small blog post on false love… I believe that there is a general misconception that it is only our mistakes that mess up relationships and cause pain. Instead, I believe that there is actually a counterfeit love whereby our hearts and souls are deceived and weakened into despair. Most of the movies on television are geared not around true love, but the spiritual force of false love; even and perhaps especially the romantic ones.   Here is the link for anyone interested in a broader view of why Americans have so much trouble with ‘love’.  http://www.wix.com/journeyofsilence/spoken/apps/blog

  • lonely strange

    I am up for rambo. Just watched when harry met sally now im going through those steps and cant sleep :(.. Hope you’ve found your prince charming by now 🙂

    • Ha! I haven’t yet. Still looking. 🙂

      • Rufus

        You and I both know why… It’s OK!
        (OK, I said I would… I’m going back to Google..)

  • Nishant

    I am a guy and I liked your point of view , I even think the same till point 5, but then I am not able to rejoice that I am single , it reminds me of my girlfriend ,with whom I never talked and she blocked my 3 fb accounts. I dare not watch any movie because it makes me cry ,feel sad,feel like to talk to someone kinda what I am doing it right now ,I just read a heartbreaking love story novel which I wasn’t aware of , and upset right now. I explored everything about her and even she is with other guy , happy for her but I am not able to digest,I know she wont ever come back but i hope she would . i think of her all the time even in office , whatever spare time I get , i switch on all three fb accounts to check whether she unblocked me , but she is happy with her life.

  • Techie

    Me too i hate watching love movies , I’m single since birth and I’m 23 yrs old already. I don’t why i hate watching those movies

    • Techie

      correction its “I don’t know why”

  • Rufus

    I came in from Google, and I have to say this article was NOT what I expected it to be. But then I saw “God” on the page and the confusion makes sense.

    Carrying on back to Google…