We All Need a Carolyn

Most Sundays I stand up at church and worship with some pretty talented people on stage.

photo credit: marilynjane (creative commons)

photo credit: marilynjane (creative commons)

Since I live in Branson, Missouri, the live music capital of the world, I’m kind of spoiled with professional musicians and singers standing on stage each week creating amazing musical art. Regardless of their day jobs though — it’s what I see inside of them that draws me closer to God.

One woman in particular, Carolyn, stands there Sunday after Sunday belting out the most beautiful songs you could imagine. I swear if she would sing me to sleep every night I’d sleep like a rock. She’s declined thus far, but I’ll keep asking.

Though her voice is beautiful, that’s not the only thing that draws me to her. It’s the light that shines through her. She closes her eyes, lifts her hands in the air, and sings to an audience of one. There’s no performance – just her and God.

We all need someone with that light around us, especially as the world grows darker.

When you’re surrounded by those “Carolyn’s,” there’s that feeling of peace. The feeling of safety. You know the light beaming off her is from none other than our Creator.

Light brings honesty, laughter, stillness, and authenticity. You’re the same whether you’re performing for a church congregation or serving dinner for your family. I’ve seen Carolyn do both. She is who she is on and off stage.

Sometimes I struggle with this – trying to be the same person for everyone. Depending on the moment I can find myself trying to “perform” for the sole purpose of getting someone to like me. What I realize though, is that doesn’t draw people closer to me, it pushes them away.

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