Why You Should Never Lie On Your Driver's License


I went to the license bureau last week to renew my driver’s license. (Shh… don’t tell anyone they were expired and I was three days late.)

I was never so excited to walk in and write a check to get my new license. There wasn’t an ounce of dread on my face. Actually, people probably wondered why I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Here’s why…

 This was me the last time I got my license.

Embarassing right? It was then. I would have been mortified to show anyone that license.

Fast forward to last week. After I did my eye exam and got all the street signs correct (okay, I missed the median sign), the attendant asked my height and my weight. I proudly told him, grinning from ear to ear, my weight. He laughed and congratulated me on my 45 pound weight loss.

That’s when I corrected him and said, “Actually, I lied on my license. I was 100 pounds heavier. I’ve actually lost 145 pounds.”

After he wiped the initial shock off his face, I said, “that’s why you should never lie on your driver’s license.”

Pretty much every woman I know doesn’t like to show off their license. They either hate their picture, or they don’t want their friends to know their weight. I used to be like that.

Guess what?

Not anymore! I’ll show it to anyone who wants to see it, because it’s another testimony of the power of God. It’s another opportunity to let others know that God can change anyone.

What is one thing He has done in you that you’re thanking Him for today? Comment below…

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  • Jennifer White

    God’s light in you and through you is amazing. So glad I get to see Him love you!

    • Glad I get to see Him in you too! Couldn’t have made it to that driver’s license picture without you. 

  • Amanda

    I LOVE this story! I’m laughing just imagining the look on that guys face! And you should be very proud of your weight loss!! It’s a LOT of hard work!

  • Anngraham78

    You are a true testament of what God can do if you are willing to accept his help. I love watching the “God glow” you always have. Praising God for allowing me to see this transformation in you. We are so very proud of all you have accomplished in your life.

  • Nann Flowers

    Sundi Jo, your picture on your license is amazing. The light in your eyes. A fresh new style…you even look like you have a tan?! You hottie, you!

    • Thanks Nann. I certainly don’t have a tan, but if the photo makes me look like that, I want ALL photos to look like that! 🙂