Stay Away from the Wicked Part Four

This is the final part of the excerpt from my new book, That’s Gay: Equipping the church to wave goodbye to judgment and say hello to grace. Click here for part threeLearn more about the book here.

With relationship, comes trust. With trust, comes the opportunity to share the truth—with grace. With grace, comes more trust. With truth, comes repentance. With repentance, comes conviction. With conviction, comes true change.

Stay Away from the Wicked Part Four

Let’s stop playing the Holy Spirit and just be the hands and feet of Christ as He calls us to be.

I’m not saying you have to walk into the gay bar with them every week, especially if you’re wearing a “Jesus Loves You” button on your shirt and a tract in one hand. That probably wouldn’t be the smartest idea you ever came up with, just sayin’.

Jesus hung out with sinners. He loved on prostitutes and tax collectors. He didn’t tell them how worthless they were. Did He correct them? Yes. But He loved them first.

He spent three years with Peter, a guy who would deny His name in the toughest times, yet handpicked him after His resurrection to be the head honcho. Peter brought thousands to Christ.

Jesus never ran out of grace. Never. If He didn’t, why should we? It’s our job as followers of Jesus Christ to be love and show love. We can’t do it when we’re too busy pointing out the sins of others and not repenting of our own sins.

We must remember that Jesus Christ’s choice to be beaten, spit on, mocked, and murdered on a piece of wood was for everyone.

Not just you. Not just those that know Him. Not just for those who attend weekly church services. For everyone. He died for the ones who mocked Him. He died for me, knowing every detestable choice I would make in my lifetime. He knew that I would make the choice to live in a homosexual relationship, yet He died for me. How amazing is that?

And here’s more good news. Because I have given my life to Him and admitted I cannot do this life on my own, He doesn’t remember my sins (Hebrews 10:17). He doesn’t remember yours either. Let us remind ourselves that our sins have been removed as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12).

Don’t you want that for everyone?

Doesn’t your heart leap for joy knowing we don’t have to constantly be reminded of our daily sins? If so, then your heart should desire the same for someone living in a homosexual lifestyle who doesn’t yet know the Lord. Allow yourself to dream into the future. To picture what it could be like for someone you know in that lifestyle to truly come to know Christ. To know and believe who they are in Christ. To understand redemption and grace, just as you have.

A reminder of God’s grace should change our motives.

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  • Loved the reminder that He doesn’t remember my sins. We can know that in our minds, but we can never hear that truth enough. Great post.

    • Thanks Anne so much for stopping by and reading, and your encouragement.