Why My Dad Will Never Walk Me Down the Aisle

What I'm Doing to Fight Back Against Addiction

I can’t say I dream about a wedding often, but there are occasions I do. I’ve never been one to plan that perfect wedding day like my friends did when we were little girls. I was too busy dreaming about winning an Oscar.

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But as I’ve released the broken places of my hearts – the places devastated by fear of men – for the last few years, I think about it more often.

The vows. The promises to be there in sickness and health. The commitment to love each other even when we don’t like each other. Those are the things I think about most. But I also allow myself to dream about the day. The dress. The laughter. The crowd. The dancing.

Then I think about the one person whose presence I long for. The one who will never be at my wedding. My father.

Why Now is the Time to Stop Drifting and Design the Life You Want

Preorder Michael Hyatt's New Book, Living Forward, and Find out How

I received some great news this week I’m excited to share with you! Michael Hyatt & Daniel Harkavy’s new book, Living Forwardis on it’s way to my front door and I seriously can’t wait!

Why Now is the Time to Stop Drifting and Design the Life You Want

While I wait for the advanced copy, I’ve already read the first chapter on my phone. I’m not a big fan of digital reading – I want a book in my hand – but I couldn’t wait.

Let me just say this – I’m already hooked and can’t wait to get the pen out and start underlining.

Overcoming Codependency With This One Simple Word

How to Shift Our Perspective

My name is Sundi Jo and I’ve been set free from codependency. Multiple times.

Overcoming Codependency With This One Simple Word

Just last week at Celebrate Recovery, I was knocked in the gut with another powerful statement that brought even more freedom in my recovery.

The gentlemen sharing his testimony completely changed my perspective on the words I say to myself and others.

Why I’m Redefining My Bucket List

How I'm Changing from Self to Serving

I have a bucket list of things I’d love to do in life. I hope you have one as well, which causes dreams to stir up in you about doing amazing things!

Redefining My Bucket List

Perhaps you want to hand glide over the Grand Canyon. Not me, but hey, if it’s your dream, go for it. Maybe you want to swim with dolphins. That’s probably way safer than hand gliding, but I digress.

There are many things I desire to do before I kick the ole bucket.

I want to write a song with Dolly Parton, go on an African Safari, take part in an underground church service in China, and run a 1/2 marathon. I want to go deep sea fishing, ride through the rainforest, and speak at a Joyce Meyer conference. Those are just a few things.

How to Define Gossip

Are You Part of the Problem or the Solution?

Hey.. did you know Betty down the street spent the evening at Bob’s house the other night? I saw her car parked in the driveway. Can you believe she didn’t even have the audacity to hide her car? After all, she’s not even divorced yet. I don’t want to gossip, but I did want to let you know we should pray for her.

How to Define Gossip

Well… I wasn’t going to say anything, but since you brought it up, Susie did get fired, but not for what you think. She was actually sleeping with her boss and word got out. Poor, poor thing. I wonder what she’ll do now. Lord knows she’ll never be able to make it on her own with that shopping addiction.

Before I go any further, let me admit my own guilt. I’ve gossiped. Probably more times than I care to admit. Oh.. the conviction that comes after.. it stinks.

Living Life One Word at a Time

My One Word for 2016

I’ve been wishing I could come up with another word for 2016. I’ve tried to persuade God multiple times but we keep ending up in the same spot we started.

Living Life One Word at a Time

So….. I guess I’ll quit arguing and snuggle up with one of the most uncomfortable words in the human vocabulary.


Eeeekkk.. Typing it out gets me both excited and queasy.


Fervent (B&H Books, 2015)

Ready to flip your prayer life upside down?

Priscilla Shirer is ready to help you make that happen!

She describes the book perfectly…..

You have an enemy . . . and he’s dead set on destroying all you hold dear and keeping you from experiencing abundant life in Christ. What’s more, his approach to disrupting your life and discrediting your faith isn’t general or generic, not a one-size-fits-all. It’s specific. Personalized. Targeted. So this book is your chance to strike back. With prayer.

It’s one of those books you need to read over and over again, and I bought tons for Christmas gifts. I can’t wait to watch God continue to use this book to change the prayers lives of millions!

How to Accomplish Your God Given Dreams

5 Secrets to Achieving Your Biggest Goals

I’ve been jotting down some ideas on what I want to accomplish in 2016 for the past few weeks. The day after Christmas myself and a couple friends are sitting down to map out our goals and dreams for the new year.

How to Accomplish Your God Given Dreams

Here’s what I know I don’t want to happen. I don’t want a year of busyness without something tangible to show for it. Actually, that’s a trick statement. I believe if we live life so busy we don’t know which way we’re going, good fruit doesn’t come from that.

As you look back on 2015, how do you feel about the year overall? Did you see good fruit? Were you too busy? Did you get sidetracked on accomplishing your goals? Was life just way too much to keep up with?

Here’s a secret: Maybe you’re making it harder than it’s supposed to be.

The ONE Question You Must Ask Yourself This Year

How to Get to the Bottom of What's Holding You Back

Here’s something for you to ponder. (Does that word sound weird?) Anyway… that’s not what I want you to think about. It’s this…

The ONE Question You Must Ask Yourself This Year

Are you tired of falling through the cracks in life?

The other day I mentioned I wasn’t using my “no” muscle very well. I didn’t like having to admit that to you, so I’m doing something about it. You have permission to call me out if you don’t see me following through. The point is when I don’t set boundaries with my time and try to say “yes” to everything, other things fall through the cracks. That’s not okay.

My Year End Confession (I’m Wasting My Time)

The Tool I'm Using to Change My Priorities

I’ve been struggling lately to balance my time – to fit everything in I think I need to make happen. That seems pretty crazy since my one word for 2015 is “No”.

My Year End Confession (I'm Wasting My Time)

I must be honest and admit I’m not ending this year the way I want to and it frustrates me. December feels too “busy”. My calendar is too full and I’m asking myself what I didn’t say no to that led me here.

As a matter of fact, life hasn’t gone according to plan in the last four months. I’ve been plagued by health issues causing annoying interruptions. A doctor here. An ER trip there. Tests on this day. Surgery on that day.

I was having lunch with an Esther’s House teammate the other day and heard myself say, “I think I’ve overcommitted.” I’d been thinking about it for a while, but hadn’t spoken it out loud. Now it’s real.