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Want to know how I lost 145 pounds?

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Three Ways to Help People Pleasers

This is a guest post by my new friend, Wyatt Fisher, Psy. D. Fisher is a Christian Psychologist and the founder of Find him on Google Plus. Understanding relational styles can be essential to having successful dates, friendships, and even family reunions. One very common relational style is called “other-orientation”.  It’s a nice 50-cent [...]

Why Comparing Yourself to Others Will Cause You to Fail [Vlog]

On my recent running adventure on the gym treadmill, I went from excited to defeated in a matter of seconds. The woman on the treadmill next to me, who I like to call “Crazy Treadmill Lady,” was going 5,000 mph. (It was actually 7.5, but for dramatization’s sake, we’ll go with 5,000.) I was excited [...]

Why This is the Most Vulnerable Post I’ve Ever Written

I wrote this post in January, not intending to share it with others. I thought it would be healing to put my feelings into words. I felt led to share it with you today. Thank you for being a safe place to be honest. It’s January 2, 2014. Yesterday I got on the scale as [...]

Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

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God doesn’t laugh with you. He’s too serious for that. He didn’t create humor, so why would you even think about laughing? This is what so many people are led to believe. That life is serious and God isn’t interested in enjoying time with you. Laughter doesn’t belong in the church. That’s far from the [...]

A Prayer for Weight Loss

God has taken me on a new course in this season of my life. It’s a season I pray never ends. I am walking in surrenderance to Him with everything I have. That includes my body and my desire to use food as an escape. Oh how I’ve longed to be here, and I’m so thrilled He [...]

Why Taking Responsibility is the Next Right Step


Many of you know I’m a huge fan of the show, Restaurant Impossible.  Robert Irvine knows what he’s doing and his leadership skills are impressive. During a recent episode, a restaurant owner was just months away from her restaurant being closed, which she purchased from the family. Every time Robert would ask her a question, she would [...]

Shifting Notice #BEaNOTICER

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Sometimes I notice things I don’t want to see. I realize the older I get the more I enjoy details. It’s important for me to know the why behind the what. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can often get me into trouble. Lysa TerKeurst’s #BEaNOTICER series inspired me to look at my [...]

Guilt vs. Shame

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Guilt and shame. It’s something we’ve all dealt with numerous times in our lives. I’m sure we’ll soon meet again. Is there a difference between guilt and shame? According to shame researcher Brene Brown, the answer to that question is yes. I agree. Let’s break it down thanks to Mrs. Brown. (Okay, I just wrote [...]

I’m Never Getting Married (A Stupid Challenge)

I sat around the table at Ruby Tuesday with three of my closest friends several months ago and my friend Jennifer said these words to me:  In the year 2014, I challenge you to stop saying you’re never getting married. My pride welled up. I wanted to defend myself. I wanted to tell her how stupid her challenge was. [...]

Why God’s Not Dead

God has been taken out of schools. He’s been removed from court rooms. The list goes on… But what if God’s still alive and well today?  He is! Sarah Young, an unknown missionary took her prayer time and put in on paper for the world to read. Based on Scriptural context, Young put the words [...]