Turkey Cabbage Soup and a Giveaway

You never know what a simple action can mean in the life of someone else.

Turkey Cabbage Soup

Let’s take soup for example. This turkey cabbage soup was a catalyst in my 145 lb. weight loss journey.

On a fall evening in 2008, my friend Jennifer invited me over for dinner. It was a typical day for her, but an unforgettable day for me.

Six Signs You May Be Codependent

Hi, I’m Sundi Jo and I’m a recovering codependent. It feels good to get that off my chest.

Six Signs You May Be Codependent

I’m not sure if there are different levels of codependency, but if there are, I was at the highest level possible – probably president of the club.

I like things to be fixed. To find a quick solution to the problem so we can move on. It’s easy for me to say, “Move over and let me fix your problem for you. I know how to do it better than you.” I feel important when I “fix you.”

I’m excited to share with a group of Single Moms on the topic of Christmas at Life360 Church in Springfield, MO.

What is the real reason for the season?

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Date: December 6, 2014
Time: 12:30-03:00 p.m.
Event: Women's Christmas Luncheon
Topic: The Reason for the Season
Sponsor: The Caring People
Venue: Life 360 Church
Location: 3581 S. Kansas Avenue
Springfield, MO 65807
Public: Private

Pumpkin Protein Bars

I’ve been eating these Pumpkin Protein Bars for almost a year. They’re delicious, nutritious, and half the calories of a packaged protein bar.

Pumpkin Protein Bars

Don’t get me wrong. I still eat a Quest bar almost daily, but I start my mornings with these pumpkin bars.

They have just enough carbs and protein to help me crank out some cardio and strength training each day. See the nutrition facts below.

6 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving (#2 is my Favorite)

Thanksgiving is upon us and so many are already prepared for the bloating, weight gain, and regret that often follows the “Turkey Day” festivities.

Photo Credit: rick via Compfight cc

What if we didn’t think that way? I believe there’s another way. I believe we can “have our pie and eat it too” when it comes to Thanksgiving.

You don’t have to be as stuffed as the turkey is that day.

You Are Who You Say You Are

It amazes me the words we speak over ourselves. We often talk to ourselves in ways we would never talk to others we love.

Photo Credit: meechellllle via Compfight cc

I used to remind myself how fat I was. I was too ugly. No man could ever find me attractive. I would never amount to anything. I was going to stay this way forever. I was stupid.

If I were to hear you say any of those words to my best friends, I’d slap you sideways, yet I had no problem saying it to myself. The sad part? Not only did I say those things – I believed them.

Then I learned Who I was in Christ. That changed everything. This guy Jesus, who died for me and you, has a lot to say about us. It turns out, the above mentioned statements aren’t found anywhere in Scripture.

Reframing Setbacks as Opportunities (Month Three Weigh-In Results)

Setbacks happen everyday, but when they come in the form of weight gain, it seems to sting a little more. That’s what I experienced anyway in this month’s weigh-in.

reframing setbacks

If you’re new here, I started using a personal trainer, Kim, three months ago and shared my month one results here and my month two results here.

I didn’t want to weigh in yesterday. I knew the results wouldn’t be good. Regardless, I knew it had to be done. The results were pretty much what I expected. I gained pounds and broke even in my inches lost.

Why You Need to Say Goodbye to Dieting

There’s one word I truly hate – DIETING. It’s bad for you health. It’s annoying for your emotional well-being. I could keep going. I really, really hate it.


I’m encouraging you to make it a goal to completely eliminate the word “diet” from your vocabulary.

Remember when your mother used to tell you after you said something you weren’t supposed to, “I’ll wash your mouth out with soap?” Consider it a dirty word.

Why Vulnerability is the New Sexy

Hey, get your act together! You need to look good, feel good, and be good. Anything other than that is a disgrace.

why vulnerability is the new sexy post

Don’t you feel like the world tells us that sometimes? What if we really didn’t have to try so hard to please the rest of the world?

What if vulnerability became the new sexy? Not the skinny, airbrushed chicks on the cover of magazines, but the real, raw, everyday peeps who live their lives with struggles, disappointments, and victories?

Why Failure is the Greatest Gift

If I had a quarter for every time I failed I’d probably own my own island somewhere off the coast of St Maarten, where I’d spend my days fishing, reading, and of course, listening to Dolly Parton. It hasn’t made me rich, but I’ve learned a lot from every failed experience.

Photo Credit: asenat29 via Compfight cc

The only way, in my opinion, to do failure right, is by walking away with a memorable experience you can learn from.

Jon Gordon, author of The Carpentersays this about failure:

Failure often serves as a defining moment, a crossroads on the journey of your life. It gives you a test designed to measure your courage, perseverance, commitment, and dedication.

He couldn’t be more right.