What I Learned from the Daniel Fast

This past December I knew it was time to make some changes. I could feel myself slipping back into some old ways that I wasn’t happy with. Specifically my eating habits and the lack of exercise.


Refusing to allow myself to get on the scale, I couldn’t deny that something was changing. My clothes were getting a little tight.


The fear of returning to the 330 lb. miserable person I used to be was creeping in and I wasn’t happy about it. Not to mention the fact that I was writing an eBook on weight loss. I felt like a hypocrite. During that time I could feel God calling me to fast. He was doing the same with two of my closest friends.

So in January we decided to start the Daniel Fast. 21 days with only fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.  Prior to starting I sought out some recipe books for this particular fast. That’s when I found The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast, written by Kristen Feola. Not only was it loaded with amazing recipes, Feola gave some great insight into the spiritual aspects of doing the Daniel Fast.

She shares over 100 recipes, as well as a 21-day devotional guide to lead you through a daily journey with God.

I immediately knew starting the fast that God would be working with me regarding self-control. My mind started thinking, Wow! I can eat as much as I want because it’s all healthy. God said otherwise. I was still worshiping food. I was still focused on me. But He was ready to change that.

As time went on and I drew closer to God versus the pleasures of food, I recognized just how much more I was in tune to Him speaking to my heart. Things were clearer. Tasks I were to take on made more sense. As time went on I found myself wanting to be more obedient – not because I had too, because I wanted to.

Here are just a few things that happened during my 21 day fast:

  • I went back to the gym
  • I started drinking a gallon of water again
  • My clothes started fitting
  • I wasn’t as fatigued
  • I got a book deal
  • I was more in tune to the prayer needs of others
  • I desired God more than I did food

I didn’t do the Daniel Fast because I wanted to lose weight. That was just an added bonus. I did it because I knew God was trying to get my attention and there was too much noise in my world. I needed to be still in Him, sacrifice something that was starting to become an idol, and put my focus back where it needed to be.

I’m so grateful I did. I’m grateful for the extra accountability and support I had from my friends and sisters in Christ. Jesus says when two or more are gathered, He’s there. We as a group got various revelations. Some were for one another. It was pretty amazing!

If there’s something you’re struggling with, I encourage you to consider fasting. If 21 days isn’t what God is calling you to do, go seven. Do one day. Ask God to show you. He will.

Back to Kristen Feola’s book for a second. There is no reason for you to think the Daniel Fast includes starving yourself and eating the same type of vegetables everyday. She provides a wide variety of recipes, categorized into appetizers, meals, soups, etc. Who knew you could do so many things with a sweet potato? And I didn’t find a recipe I didn’t like.

As a matter of fact, I’m sticking as close to the plan as possible, because of the health benefits. Don’t get me wrong. When a steak comes my way I’ll eat it, but I want to stay on the path with this type of food. Not to mention it’s pretty delicious!

Question: If you’ve done the Daniel Fast, what did you get from it? If you haven’t, are you considering doing so? Comment below…

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  • Anonymous

    It’s great to see the fast from your perspective. Food as an idol is really what was happening to me. I heard one of our pastors say – “What you can’t fast, owns you.”
    As I have been on the same fast, I am enjoying much more clarity and many answers to prayer. God is amazing!

  • I am soooo glad you got to do this, Sundi Jo!  I know it had been  in your heart for quite some time, and it seems like, as always, either God’s timing is perfect, or when we are listening, He totally works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose!  both are Truth, so we can hang our hats on either one! Such a praise to see what God is bringing about in your life, and I am so blessed to know you…!!!
    For anyone who is considering doing this partial food and Spiritual fast, feel free to read about my own experience with it last spring, here:

    I am praying right now for all those considering to seek the Lord’s will in this and be able to see and hear His answer…Blessings to all of you!

  • vuyokazi

    hello Guys Praise be to God i had the same desire for longtime couldstart ,plz pray for me to start a days fast first then if i passed it will contue my 21 days as well ,when us said “food as idol “u r talking to me i have loved food like nothing ont his earth God forgive me and thank you for this revelation

  • Tamika

    I just started the Daniel fast on the 10th of March. I’m basically going with the flow. I pray my normal prayers but haven’t been reading or anything. Am I doing it right? Haven’t had meat, caffeine, stopped smoking cigarettes, no sweets and I’m constantly on the toilet, I can’t cook and I’m always hungry craving sweets. Don’t want to stop the fast just need guidance.

    • Tamika, first of all, way to go on starting the fast. God will honor your willingness. Your body is probably detoxing so you may struggle at first. I highly recommend you purchase the book I’m talking about, Also, here is the author’s website, full of recipes and information for you. You may even try contacting her for some tips. http://www.ultimatedanielfast.com/

  • melody

    Hello Tamika keep going I started on the 9th i hwve been to the toilet alot too must be the toxins. Google recipes and ask the holy spirit for ideas. Look on google for foods you can and can’t have and always read the label. Do things you wouldn’t usually do for example prayer during the early hours of the morning, plenty of worship and meditate on the word of God. You can do it! God bless