My New Manifesto is out Today!

As you may know, my first manifesto, Liar Liar goes on sale today. I’m so excited today is the day!

What is the book about?

Liar Liar is a manifesto about not only believing the truth about who you truly are, but also speaking that truth into reality. It’s a call to take the next step in your faith and take action with your words.

I won’t spend anymore time telling you about the manifesto. You can find all that at the book site. Or you can head straight to Amazon and purchase here, if you want.

However, I do want to share with you why you shouldn’t wait any longer to get this book.

The wait is over

If you’re like me, you usually wait a few weeks or months after a book comes out before you buy it. Why? Because you want to make sure it’s good — and that it’s worth your money.

But you don’t have to do that with this book. Here’s why:

  1. People have already read and reviewed it — and they’re raving about it.
  2. It’s not that much money. It’s only $2.99. Not too bad, right?

I won’t be getting rich off this manifesto. It’s not about that. What I care about is the message of Liar Liar and getting it in front as many people as possible.

Ready to get Liar Liar? Click here to find out more about the manifesto.

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  • Well done awesome you

  • Positively Alene

    This is awesome. Proud of you!!!

  • Ken Davis

    I have searched for a way to buy this book and can’t find it on amazon or anywhere. Help me!!!!