The One Word that Changes Everything

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I set achievable goals, with action plans.

I also make one word my theme for the year. Last year was productive. The year before, intentional.

This year I’m keeping it simple, because simple is sometimes most profound.

“No.” That’s my word. 

I told my mom and she looked at me with two heads. “Why would that be your word?”

Here’s the deal:

I was going to choose obedience. Then I decided I focus. Then it hit me. If I don’t start saying no to people, ideas, and things, even though they may be great, then I can’t focus. If I can’t keep my focus, then I can’t be obedient to what God’s calling me to do.

Plain. And. Simple.

Confession? I may have been productive in some things last year, but I’ve disobedient. I’ve been distracted by too many ideas and offers presented before me. Because of that, I’ve been disobedient in the mission God has called me to fulfill.

I’m grieving it right now, as I write these words, actually.

Today I have to say “no.”

No to building another website. No to publishing that book for now. No to focusing on building my platform. No to that workshop I want to create. No. No. No.

Yes to opening Esther’s House. Yes to offering hope to broken women. Yes to telling people about Jesus.

Yes to saying “no.”


Question: What’s the one word that will change your 2015?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • My one word is actually two – Pure Love. I want to know God’s Pure love. I don’t want to mix the idea of his love with the love of people in my life. I want to be fed by the Source of Love so that I can then love my husband and others well.

  • Sharon Greene

    My word for 2015 is create. After spending 25 years in a profession that was toxic to Mr, I’m slowly starting to follow the dream I had as a little girl, to be a writer. I began blogging in November and I absolutely love it. I’d like to expand the subjects I write about and do more creative fictional work. Maybe even write a book or at least start one in 2015. I like choosing one word or theme for the year as it leaves me wide open to more possibilities than making a specific and narrow resolution for the New Year.

    PS. I love your blog. It is very conversational, like you are talking to me directly.

    • Sharon, thank you for the kind words. Have you ever thought about setting goals versus making New Year’s Resolutions? For the last two years, I’ve walked through a goal setting course from Michael Hyatt that has honestly changed my life.

  • Nice Sundi Jo. My word for this year is intentional. I’m going to write like never before because I am a writer (scary)! I’m going to exercise routinely because I am in shape (scarier)! I’m going to lose weight because I am thin again (scariest)! LOL. I’m doing great so far…and crackin’ myself up here! But I’m serious. This is the year of intentionally getting important things done. Perhaps another word might be obedience because I know these are all things that God wants me to do too. I’m keeping my eyes on Him and will continue, along with stepping out into the spiritual realms more determined and with more boldness. 2015…a year of fullness. Yes!

    I’m enjoying your blog very much!

    • Linda, I love this! And I’m so excited for you.. Intentional was my word last year.

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