Seven Ways God Speaks To Us

I just finished reading an amazing book that wasn’t even on my list of things to read. I’m so glad I did.

Like a Mighty Wind was written in 1974, but don’t let the date fool you. The pages came to life for me in ways I wasn’t expecting.

“God can use men in a marvelous way when they obey Him.

Evangelist Mel Tari teaches in Chapter 15 that God speaks in many ways. I want to share with you the list of seven ways God speaks to us:

  1. God Speaks Audibly God spoke to Samuel in the Old Testament. He spoke to Paul (then Saul) in the New Testament. You may say, “Well, that happened then, but it doesn’t happen now.” Don’t be so sure. Be ready for the unexpected. Has God ever audibly spoken to me? No. But that doesn’t mean He won’t do it if He doesn’t need to get my attention.
  2. God Speaks Through Visions – There are countless stories in the Bible that talk about God giving others visions. I have a friend whose visions have come to pass.
  3. God Speaks Through Dreams – This doesn’t mean that all dreams are from God, but some definitely are. For instance, I struggle with horrible nightmares. Some I’m not quite ready to talk about yet. However, God has certainly spoken to me through dreams. I had a dream once about the Table Rock Freedom Center. I saw its name in big red lights and it kept flashing on and off. Three weeks later I was a student there. I also had a recurring dream that my friend Jennifer picked me up in front of the bar in a white vehicle. Thought it didn’t happen exactly like that, one year later she drove me to TRFC in a white SUV with a beer stained t-shirt.
  4. Prophecy From God – Sometimes God sends people to us to send a message from Him. I was at a church in Illinois once and I could feel God trying to tell me something, but there were so many people talking I couldn’t hear. I said, “God, if you want to me to hear you, you’ll have to send someone to tell me what you’re saying.” Five minutes later a man walked up to me and said, “God wants me to tell you that someday you will have your own ministry and you will be a teacher.” Do you know how I know that was from God? Because He had already put that desire on my heart. He was simply confirming it.
  5. God Speaks Through His Word – God speaks to us through the Bible in our everyday meditation. Many times during a devotion God will lead us to exactly what we need that day. When I’m not speaking truth with grace, He usually leads me to an area to talk about judgment or love. Ask Him to show you and He will.
  6. Circumstances Lead – Mel says this about circumstances: ” Many times God doesn’t speak the other way, but just arranges circumstances so there is no other way to go. God oftentimes wants us to acknowledge Him through the situations that surround us.
  7. The Fellowship Test – Sometimes we need to confirm God’s message to us through personal guidance from others. For example, He confirms things to me through my friend Jennifer many times. She’ll come to be about a subject and I know in the first few sentences that God is giving me the green light. I love friends who are obedient to the Lord.

I haven’t even begun to touch the surface of the amazing testimonies in this book. Do you sometimes feel like you make God’s Word too complex when really it should be so much simpler? Like a Mighty Wind will quickly bring you back to that simplicity.

Question: Out of this list, which way does God speak to you the most? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • nice

  • vuyokazi

    u know sonja what is on this list i beleive otherwise it would hvae never mentioned on the bible ,everything bible mentions is for our good use …God most of the times speak to me thru dreams and my dreams will come true ,at first they used to take long yrs bt now that i am growing up if if God is telling me or warning me abt something it happens the following day or two

  • God’s Child

    … God once gave me a vision at night. It was around 8:30, and I was half way through saying “Amen” to my night-time prayer, when suddenly my heads feels like I’m rushing towards something, but at the same time I’m moving back from it. Then this clear vision of God’s hands comes alive, and I’m laying down peacefully in a white robe, asleep. Then I’m being brought up into God’s hands, and He does something to me-something wonderful. I still haven’t figured it out yet, but this happened when I was 11 and I was still awake. At the time, for weeks, I had wanted to get a real vision from God- I wanted Him to tell me something important that would change my life. I think I heard Him say towards or maybe after the vision’s end, “You’re in My arms” and “I’m not done with you yet.” I want another vision from God-one that will be just as wonderful as the last,but God has His reasons and timings for everything.

  • Happy

    Just today God spoke to me while I was dreaming. When I first awoke I could recall the details of everything that was said. But as the day went on much of it faded, but one important bit remained. While I’ve prayed to God my whole life, I’m not familiar with much scripture. Please keep that in mind.
    I have been praying lately for God to come to me, just some sort of interaction to let me know that I’m still wanted by him. Well today I took a nap, and God answered my prayer. I don’t remember any visuals, just the voice speaking to me answering all the questions that were in my heart without me even having to put them to words. While I awoke knowing the full conversation as I said I forgot it, I really wish I had written it down. I do however remember this…”You’re to live your life for the glory of God.”
    I had no idea what that meant! I googled it later when I had the chance, and was astonished to discover that it pretty much covers being a good Christian. I’m pretty blown away at the moment.

    • Wow! “You’re to live your life for the glory of God.” Love that He answered your prayer and showed up. He loves us enough to do that. We serve an amazing God!

  • Melinda Newberry Wolfe

    I really hate to say this, but God doesn’t speak to me in any of those ways. I don’t mean to be offensive, because I believe wholeheartedly that He really does communicate with His creations, just not all of us.

    • How does God speak to you, Melinda?

      • Melinda Newberry Wolfe

        Pretty sure He doesn’t.

        • Oh, my friend, He will if you ask Him to.

          • Melinda Newberry Wolfe

            I’ve tried that.

  • Surprised

    Wonderful article.
    Over one year the Lord communicated with me through:-
    He used all of these to reveal to me that the person I called father was not my biological father but a family friend is. It was only revealed to me by God at a time when He decided it was right for me to know. The synchronicity of events was mind blowing. He really is “The same God of Abraham, of Isacc and if Jacob”. He is an active God.