What Really Happens at the Super Bowl

Football. Hot Wings. Ranch Dressing. Chips. Beer. Millions of screaming fans. Excitement. Winning.

This is what the Super Bowl is supposed to be about, right?

photo credit: digital global sports

photo credit: digital global sports

There’s something deeper.

There’s a danger lurking behind the million dollar commercials and cheering fans filling the stadium. 

Human trafficking will be prevalent this weekend. Thousands of underage girls will be handed out to men as their pimps cash in on this disgusting, heart breaking industry.

It’s estimated that up to 10,000 adults and underage girls have been taken to previous Super Bowls. Pimps have been known to buy out taxis in order to convert them to “mobile brothels.” – Matt Coburn, The Good Men Project

Please read that sobering statement again.

Doesn’t it make your stomach turn? 

Here is the reality: While millions of people gather around the television to watch sex-driven commercials by well-known brands, young girls will be raped in the back of the very same taxi cab you could be riding home in.

Does this mean you can’t enjoy yourself at this weekend’s festivities? No. Does this mean you have to watch the game with guilt? No.

I guess I’m just asking you to remember those whose bodies will be used for sexual pleasures from fathers, doctor’s, lawyers, and brothers, while the Ravens and the 49ers go head to head.

Pray for pimps and those buying women to be convicted. Pray for the victims to know that regardless of what happens to them, they are loved by a God more than we will ever understand.


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  • Ugh. So heartbreaking.

  • And the sex-trade is only getting worse overall. Perhaps if we didn’t support events and entertainment that blatantly promotes sex, we’s have less of a problem with this in our world.

  • I just read a book dealing with this very topic. (Come Alive – E. Ramirez). Sobering. Great and timely post.