Why I Didn’t Chew Food For 21 Days

I was introduced to fasting several years ago when I was a brand new Christian. The thought of giving up something for God was scary to me, and fascinating at the same time.

Since then I have taken part in my fair share of fasting. A few hour fast. 24 hours. A partial fast from something that I enjoy, such as television.

photo credit: shutterbean

photo credit: shutterbean

Last year some friends and I joined together to do a 21-day Daniel Fast, inspired by my new friend, Kristen Feola. It was a fantastic experience, both spiritually and physically.

I started 2013 out doing something different. 

Many of you know I have lost 145 lbs. and done pretty well with keeping it off, only by God’s grace and patience with me. Over the last few months, however, I was struggling with food. I found myself wanting to eat everything all the time. Though I knew some of it was due to the constant struggle of shifting hormones I’ve been dealing with for 3 1/2 years, I soon realized I was using that as an excuse to eat.

I was using emotions as well as an excuse to “medicate” myself. I was walking in the old habits of my 330 lb. self and I didn’t like it. Not. One. Bit.

I realized in December that my struggle with food was separating me from the deep relationship I was desiring with God. I asked Him to break my heart with the things that break His and He kept good on His word.

I was breaking God’s heart and I was using food to do it. 

I came to the realization that food was controlling me again and something had to give. So, I committed to a liquid fast. For 21 days I wouldn’t chew a single thing. If it wasn’t pureed, blended, etc., it wasn’t going in my mouth.

I was in for the ride of a lifetime. The first week I didn’t think I would survive. I was looking for every excuse to quit. I would text my accountability partners I had put in place prior to the fast and told them I was ready to quit. They listened. They shared Scriptures. They prayed.

They refused to let my excuses win.

By the third week I knew something had shifted. My thoughts were no longer on food. My relationship with Christ had strengthened. I was walking in discipline and learning to rely on God to heal my emotions, not food. I was walking more in freedom than I had days earlier.

I was listening, soaking in God’s Word, strengthening my relationships, and opening my heart to change.

What happens now that the fast is over? 

Food is back. So are Satan’s tactics to get me to worship food. He’s losing. I’ll admit I’ve had a couple of days where I’ve struggled more than others, but I know that something is different.

I walk around consistently speaking these words out loud, thanks to Dr. Rita Hancock and the book, The Eden Diet

Jesus is Lord over me and I am the boss of food.

Those words, my friends, have had a huge impact on my eating habits and the way I look at food. By speaking them out loud, I’m putting food in its place: below me, not over me. I encourage you to do the same if food is a struggle for you.

The spiritual benefits of this recent liquid fast were worth every moment of going without chewing food. So were the physical benefits. I lost 11 lbs. I’m looking forward to doing it again as I know God has more to teach me.

What has God been teaching you lately? Has a fast helped you in your relationship with Him? Leave a comment below… 

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  • Hi Sundi Jo,
    When your post popped up in my Reader, I have to admit I was intrigued by the title. Now I’m intrigued by your story! Wow, good for you! I haven’t done the Daniel Fast, but have friends who insist it’s the best way to kick-off a new year.

    I’ve been fasting in the mornings leading up to my trip to Guatemala with Jeff Goins. The Lord has impressed several things on my heart, so I’m excited to see how He moves!

    Blessings to you as you continue your journey!

    • So thrilled you’re going on the Guatemla trip. I would be going if I hadn’t already committed to another mission trip in March. I bet it’s going to be amazing!

  • Fasting has really made a difference. You don’t realize the amount of food you eat or how often you revolve life around eating until you do it. God has made some great breakthroughs in my spiritual walk in those times.

  • Hubby and I just completed a 21 day Daniels fast. There’s clarity, strength and power to do and be the things that God has called us to be. It’s not easy (tell you, i thought I’d die the first week.and second. and third!) but you get to experience His Presence in a way that you wouldn’t have before.

    It helps kickstart new eating habits too! (although sustained discipline is what brings longevity to those habits)

    • Don’t you love the food, Ngina? I enjoy eating like that frequently. It’s tasty, and I know it’s good for my body.

  • vuyokazi jani

    hello Sundi today as in Sunday i decided to put food under my feet once and for all ,u really encourage me ben strugling for yrs couldnt do it i manage do give up others things such as wacthing myf av sopaies on television and so forth for 21 days bt food is what i been struggling with,i will only do it for 3hrs bt nt for 10 days to 21 days ..it was still take control over me bt i will go wit yo slogal too”Jesus is the Lord i am the boss of the food!though i am chewing bt i am having fruti and veg and water on this fast thank you

    • Jesus is Lord. You’re so right. Praying for you to find freedom.