You Snooze, You Lose

photo credit: seanmcgrath (creative commons)

I’ve heard that line many times throughout my life, mostly when I missed the last crumble of the delicious looking snack I had my heart set on.

Last night I heard it in a completely different context.

I read those words from Ronnie Floyd in Our Last Great Hope: Awakening the Great Commission last night as I sweated through the elliptical workout. But he had something else to add.

You snooze, you lose. And what you lose might forever slip from your grasp.”

What was he referring to?

Telling others about Christ.

Following the promptings of  The Great Commission


Have you ever fallen asleep at your job? Do you tend to push the snooze button several times in the morning before getting up? I push it at least three times before I roll out of bed. We may look at those things and think no big deal. 

What if we’re falling asleep on the job of sharing The Gospel? 

Are we pushing the snooze button on God’s alarm telling us it’s time to wake up and do something? 

I want to hear God’s spiritual wake up call. I don’t want to make things right with God later. I want to make things right now!

We’ve gotten too comfortable as Christians. We’ve become entitled to think we’re not called to “reach the ends of the earth.” Does that mean we should all travel to Africa tomorrow? No.

It does mean, however, that it’s time to get off our Christian labeled behinds and actually start being followers of Jesus Christ. Many people attend church and serve on committees thinking that’s all they need to do to get to Heaven. But when the day comes they arrive in Heaven, Jesus will ask, “Do I know you?”

It’s time to take action. It’s time to stop sleeping on the job. It’s time to stop pushing snooze and wake up. Let’s go!

You snooze, you lose. And what you lose might forever slip from your grasp.

Join the conversation. What can you do today to bring The Gospel to reality? Comment below.. 

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